An Alternative Interpretation of the True Fight of George Silver

by Cory Winslow & Michael Edelson

George Silver - "Paradoxes of Defence", 1599

Update: April 7th, 2022

From its creation, this paper's intended purpose has been to dispel confusion and promote clarity of the subject matter; but hitherto it has not sufficiently brought that purpose to fruition. This is because our paper's inception was flawed, and despite the author's mostly good intentions, not all of the reasons it was created were good ones. When we allow passions and ego to affect our work, both we and our work suffer for it. This message is written in good faith to right the wrongs of our paper as it was originally released. Scorn and malice are diseases often born of a sense of injustice; but this is no justification for their existence. In their short-sightedness, they stop ahead of their rightful course further on towards understanding and compassion. Although a diseased sapling may begin to recover and eventually outwardly grow true, its core is nevertheless ever twisted and rotten, and this will be made readily apparent by the fruit which it bears. So was it with this paper, that although we, the authors, attempted to cover the corrupted foundation of our paper with courtesy, it shone through clearly to those whom we wrongly offended. While certainly not fully conscious of our actions, nor of the effects they would elicit, we were partially aware this throughout the process, and we worked to lessen any damage they would cause before our paper was released. Our efforts in this regard were clearly not enough, nor could they ever be, and it became clear as time went on that an explanation and an apology would be in order, since no amount of alteration may erase the underlying sentiment of this paper.

We cannot change the past. but we can accept our part in what has transpired, and admit our mistakes so that neither we, nor anyone else who observes them may ignorantly repeat them. Working towards this goal, I want to apologize on the behalf of the authors for any and all wrongdoing on our part. I admit that a desire for my own thoughts and opinions to be heard; a desire for justice for others whom I thought were wronged; and a desire for revenge against those who transgressed against me led us initially down a dark path which has caused a great deal of strife and confusion, spoiling and besmirching the reputations of both those who study Silver's works and the Science which we love. I apologize that it has taken until now for me to find the words to say this, and I beg forgiveness for the damage that I have helped to cause.

In the spirit of humility and love, I have decided to remove this article in its original form from SVSOD's website. In a time to come, as allowed, I plan to release a new version of this article which is premised upon cooperation, openness, and truth, one which may treat the invaluable works of George Silver properly, which reflects all of the respect due to him. With this I hope to right the wrongs I have helped to create, and not carry on Silver's legacy of division, but to glean and share his underlying and true message; that of knowing and embracing whatever peace is possible in this harsh world.

Thank you to Stephen Hand, Paul Wagner, Stoccatta, and all of their friends and allies for all that you have done, both in keeping Silver's teachings alive, and in helping to remind me of my humility. I only wish you joy and success, and I hope that some day we may work together on realizing our goal of making more people aware of this wonderful Science of Defence.

Your friend,

Cory Winslow

Take not arms upon every light occasion, let not one friend upon a word or trifle violate another but let each man zealously embrace friendship, and turn not familiarity into strangeness, kindness into malice, nor love into hatred, nourish not these strange and unnatural alterations.

- George Silver

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